Odminių g. 12, Vilnius
Tel. (8-5) 269 09 79, 69 09 82
Faksas (8-5) 269 09 81

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About Vilmorus

Market and Opinion Research Centre "Vilmorus Ltd." as an independent private organization was founded in 1993. Its staff consists of 10 full-time employees, 20 research co-ordinators and 150 interviewers all over Lithuania.

"Vilmorus Ltd." participates in various international public opinion and market surveys projects, and coordinates such projects in the Baltic states.

"Vilmorus Ltd." closely collaborates with market research company "Taloustutkimus Oy" (Finland), ES "Turu-uuringute" (Estonia), and "Latvian Facts" (Latvia).

"Vilmorus Ltd." conducts monthly representative surveys of Lithuania's population. The sample consists of 1,000 respondents 18+ of age (or 15+ of age upon a client's request) and includes all counties of Lithuania, biggest towns, 10 districts, 19 towns and over 50 villages in total.

"Vilmorus Ltd." carries out public opinion polls on actual social topics and sociological studies, some of them are monitoring studies. In the field of marketing research, consumer satisfaction, usage & attitudes and other surveys are being conducted.

In the biggest Lithuania's daily "Lietuvos rytas" once a month "Vilmorus Ltd." data about Lithuania's inhabitants attitudes towards the political parties, politicians and institutions are published.